Transition Services

Copeland Estate Sales now performs transition services for individuals needing to transition from their home to a retirement community, assisted living facility or even into a family member’s home.

With 2013 marking our 9th year in the Memphis estate sales industry, Copeland Estate Sales is excited to offer complete and personal transition services.  Over the years, we have fielded many requests to help transition our customers from their current residence into their next environment.

planning your move to a retirement home

Here’s how it works:  We schedule an appointment with you to better understand your situation and give you an overview of what our services entail.  Because we want to offer a variety of options, we believe our transition services can cover all the various aspects of the entire transition.

When planning a transition into a new residence, the following considerations must be made before starting a new project.

  • Obtaining a floor plan of the future residence
  • Identifying furniture to transition
  • Identifying kitchen items, clothes, personals, etc.
  • Packaging, prep of contents to be moved
  • Moving day
  • Unpacking, staging and decorating

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When we meet with you, we review and outline which items you would like to have moved including furniture, kitchen items, clothing, and other personal items. Once we have selected the items that will be moved, we can provide you with an estimate. Our service packages include the following:

  • Packing and wrapping all fragile and breakable items to be transported
  • Labeling all furniture to be moved
  • Transporting the contents to the new location
  • Unpacking items
  • Staging and decorating

transition servicesTo better understand the scope of each transition project, we have a general breakdown on the extraction of a partial residence from the contents of a full house.

We will use some of these guidelines to determine the level of pricing needed for the size of the extraction.

Examples include of potential extractions include:

  • An efficiency apartment extraction from a home (den/bedroom combined with a miniature kitchen)
  • A one bedroom apartment (one bedroom, den, kitchen, eating area, master closet, master bath, utility closet and a storage closet)
  • A two bedroom apartment (two bedrooms, den, kitchen, eating area, 2 closets, 2 baths, and storage closet)
In addition, we can manage the transition for personal business maintenance.  This includes changeover of services from old residence to new residence, postal service address changes and more.

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