Bid Sheets – Utilize Them at Estate Sales Memphis

Estate Sales Memphis Shopping Secrets: Bid Sheets

When shopping at Memphis estate sales, you may find an item that you need, but it is just a bit out of your price range.  The good news is that you make an offer. In fact, at Copeland Estate Sales, you will find “bid sheets.” Bid sheets are considered one of the best kept secrets in the Memphis estate sales industry, giving you an advantage over many who attend sales.

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Bid sheets can be a great way to get bargains at estate sales memphis

A bid sheet is simply a form found at estate sales where you can submit a bid on an item (or items) that is out of your price range.  For example, if a bedroom set is priced at $1,500 on the opening morning, and your budget is only $1,000, you can submit a written bid for $1,000.  As the estate sale progresses through the weekend, the Memphis estate sale company will discount so as to compel shoppers to buy deals. At Copeland Estate Sales, your bid may intersect the discounting process as the weekend progresses.  This provides you a fantastic opportunity to purchase what you want at the ceiling of your budget.  If an estate sale you are attending does not have printed forms, inquire to see if you can still submit a bid.
Filling out the bid sheet is simple. Just write down your name, your cell phone number, the item you want to buy, the original price, and your bidding price. At Copeland Estate Sales, we allow bids to be taken via email.  Sometimes, your interest in a certain item may elevate after you leave the estate.  You can simply submit an email to .  Once your bid is submitted, the estate sale company will call you if your bid is accepted.  It is important that if you submit a bid,  that you honor your bid.
At Copeland Estate Sales, we endeavor to price our estate inventory well below what antique malls or consignment stores would price. These venues have 52 weeks a year to liquidate inventory; we have 3 days!  Thus, we believe strongly that our prices are very fair when we open the doors.  This is why we average 50-100 customers in line at most of our Memphis estate sales.  Bid sheets can be very advantageous to you as a customer needing a bargain; but remember, most people with certain preferences for items may like the same things that you do.  While submitting a bid, it is important to seriously consider the price that is on the item that you are bidding.  If you recognize that it is a good deal, others will as well.  Often times, bidded items will be purchased by someone else because a potential bidder will negotiate at the moment with an employee of the estate sale.  It is smart to use a bid sheet, but if it is the first afternoon of the estate sale or the 2nd day, negotiate!  Also, if you are contemplating the purchase of multiple items, negotiate based on the bundling of the items of interest.  Memphis estate sales appreciate multiple item purchases, and your negotiating may shock you at the deals you can strike.
The bottom line: use bid sheets when shopping at estate sales in Memphis.