Common Mistakes Made When Planning Estate Sales

The process of putting together Memphis estate sales has many unseen factors that can greatly affect the success of your sale. When these unseen factors come in to play, the overall result of the Estate sale is compromised.

Here are some of the more common errors to be aware of:

  • ·         Pre sale inventory is not complete.
  • ·         Items have more monetary value than believed (undervalue appraisal).
  • ·         Collectible and special interest items are overlooked.
  • ·         Family members bicker and create additional stress at an already trying time.
  • ·         Item grouping and display (staging and set up) is not at its most appealing.
  • ·         Valuable items are mistaken for junk or trash.
  • ·         Sentimental /emotional attachment hinders optimum sale potential.
  • ·         Invitation to full range of potential buyers is not accomplished.
  • ·         End financial goals are not determined ahead of time.

When a licensed and reputable Estate Sale Service is helping, all of the unseen and unexpected factors are taken in to account and worked in to the plan for the most successful and profitable results with much of the headache and stress becoming non concerns.   It’s important to consider the expected results and any relationships involved at the very beginning of any Memphis Estate Sale conversations or considerations.