Contract Process

All contracts are thoroughly reviewed to clarify all expectations. The contract process reviews many of these important points:
  1. Scope of work involved
  2. Square footage of the estate sale project
  3. Projected revenue of the estate sale
  4. Commission includes advertising, set-up, research, pricing, and performing the estate sale.
  5. Post-estate sale options include a buy-out of the remainder, or donation of unsold items.
  6. Complete clean-out of the premises including attics, garages, and out buildings as well as vacuuming and cleaning the residence upon exit of the premises.
  7. Determining a weekend date for the event.
  8. No cash upfront from clients. Commission withdrawn from proceeds.
  9. Settlement of proceeds of the estate sale includes complete sales summaries and an itemization of all items sold at $25 or more.
  10. The estate is paid within 10 business days of the completion of the estate sale.
  11.  Usually at the time of signing, client provides keys to premises as well as any alarm codes.
  12. Clients are reminded of the importance of the removal of all pertinent personal documents and photos. In situations where this is not possible nor convenient for a client (such as an attorney or an out-of-town client), we will box up pertinent paperwork and photos on behalf of others.