Dovetail: What it Means for Your Furniture Purchase

Dovetail Furniture in Memphis

So you think you’ve scored a great deal on a piece of furniture by shopping at a big box store or ordering through a Swedish catalogue? Sure, you’ll be happy with your purchase for the next few years, but chances are, you’re going to have to replace those pieces in the future once they deteriorate, wear out or break.

Instead of going for the quick solution, why not consider investing in high-quality, antique furniture that we often have in stock at our estate sales in Memphis. Noted for their superb quality in construction and materials, these pieces have already been passed down for generations and will continue to be useful for decades to come.

Why Dovetail Furniture?

While we have a large selection of furniture at our estate sales in Memphis, how should you identify a piece of furniture that’s up to standard? If you pull out drawers of a high quality desk or dresser you may notice a “tail and pin” design on the corners of the individual drawers. This is called a Dovetail and it is not just a cosmetic design feature. It is a universally recognized way to pick out furniture that is long lasting and well made.

Dovetails are without a doubt the strong way to join together two pieces of wood without using any additional fasteners or glue. Once together, it’s virtually

impossible for joints to be separated. Meaning: you won’t have to worry about this furniture falling apart in the future as it is going to be sturdy for as long as it is in your possession.

How to Identify the Different Types of Dovetail Joints

dovetail furniture memphis

Look for this pattern in the joints of furniture to identify if it is true Dovetail.

If you’re at one of Copeland’s estate sales in Memphis, and you’re looking for a piece of dovetail furniture, identifying dovetail joinery is a piece of cake. You can easily spot this method of assembly when observing the drawers in the piece your examining. Simple remove the drawer, and look at the places where the drawer is joined together. If you see what looks like “teeth” joining together to connect the components of the drawer without extra hardware or adhesives, you are in the presence of a piece assembled with dovetail joints.

If the piece has few dovetails, and they are not spaced perfectly even, it was made by hand. If the dovetails are closely spaced and precisely cut, the item was made by a machine. Dovetails made by hand are almost often an indicator that the item has built before 1860, making it highly valuable.

Are you looking for dovetail furniture in the Memphis area? Keep a look out for our next Memphis estate sale where we regularly have dovetail furniture, antiques, collectables and more. Our staff will help you find furniture that will last for generations for prices up to %70 off of what you would pay at a furniture store.