How We Charge

Copeland Estate Sales negotiates a commission split with the estate sale client.

Our commission is based on:

  • The scope of work involved to stage the estate sale
  • Projected revenues of the estate sale project
  • The scope of work of clean-out of the entire estate

The average estate sale commission proposals range from 25% to 35%.  This is to be determined and negotiated.  Some clients do not need all of the services that we can provide; however, most appreciate the one-stop-shop for our services.

Commissions includes many services by Copeland Estate Sales:

  • Complete staging and set-up of entire estate
  • Performing the estate sale
  • All advertising costs
  • Post-sale removal of all remaining unsold items within the estate
  • Clean-out of the entire home including vacuuming, cleaning kitchen & restrooms, clean-out of attic, storage sheds, garages, storage rooms, etc.

Appraisal services and inventory valuation services are negotiable based on scope of work and the detail specifications needed by the client.  Buy-outs of estate contents are negotiable based on the quality of the estate items, the internal cost of packaging, loading, and storage.  Consideration of the buy-out by a client must be weighed on the little time to properly prepare and liquidate an estate via an estate sale.