Starting an Estate Sale Business

Since 2005, we have helped 4 estate sale businesses start their own business.  If you live outside of a 200 mile radius of Memphis, you are welcome to contact me regarding starting your own estate sale business.

There will be a contract between both parties stipulating the parameters of our agreement as well as the opportunity to come to Memphis and learn everything we have learned since February of 2005 that will help dramatically slice the learning curve towards becoming profitable almost immediately.  The following is a brief explanation of the “Start an Estate Sale Business” offering: You will be invited to come and spend two weeks shadowing  on all levels of our business.

All expenses related to your stay here will be at your expense. During the training you will learn:

  • How to get started, organize a business plan, choose a website name, and begin marketing your business.
  • How to assemble a lengthy list of resources to whom you can call on to help launch your business, how to track them, follow up with them, and maintain a relationship with them long into the future.
  • How to properly conduct the phone calls necessary for a successful Estate Sale Business.
  • How to execute an organized follow-up plan and get appointments with key individuals who will refer business to you.
  • How to go on a sales call, what to say and not to say, and how to present yourself as the best candidate to host their project.
  • How to identify the necessary organizations to become involved.
  • How to utilize resources on the internet as well as the contacts that we have in place for all of the various vertical markets in which in which we deal.
  • How to become profitable in a short time. This includes a Q/A with one of the company owners that has attended this training program.
  • The training program also includes referral to our web designer and new friend, James Hutto with Valeo Marketing.  You can see from the work and expertise that he has done on our website, that you will be positioned in a very short time frame to become profitable.  Valeo has committed their exclusivity to me in this region of the country. He will do the same for you in your region of the country. His work processes are not included in this package, but his services are vital to the training being applied to its fullest potential.

There is an initial start up fee for this training service. Interested parties should email Copeland Estates Sales first, informing me of who you are and a short biography of yourself. We will respond with an email and make a telephone appointment with you.  All questions will be answered during the telephone appointment.  Given the time we spend together and the information that you will receive, this is a valuable investment that will garner results. Serious interest entrepreneurs only, please.

Please free to email us, and we will gladly respond. It may take a few days, but you will receive a reply. Please, no phone calls on first timers of interest. Thank you!