Why Consider An Estate Sale?


Transitional phases, that affect the people most important to us, often cause an overwhelming sensation of confusion and emotions.  We have walked with many through these phases.  Whether you are contemplating an estate sale for a family member or considering a downsizing project for yourself, the estate sale process can help you decompartmentalize your long checklist.

When planning, do not automatically plan to donate or discard items you do not need. An estate sale, also called a ‘tag sale’, may be the simplest and most profitable solution.  A typical estate sale includes everything in a home including household contents, furniture, decorative accessories, antiques and valubles.

Estate sale companies charge a commission or  a percentage of the gross earnings. Most of the top tier estate sale company owners have a project manager that actually pioneers the actual project.  Estate sales companies are good at knowing a treasure when they see one where a homeowner may not.  The estate sale can be held at your house, under certain circumstances.
  • Do you have enough for a sale?
  • Would your subdivision regulations allow it?
  • Is there adequate access and parking?

Planning an estate sale is a large, complex project, but an estate sale company can handle all the details for you. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Talk with friends who have had an estate sale.
  • Look on the internet.  Simply Google ‘Memphis estate sales’. Visit several websites observing the quality of their upcoming projects.
  • Review their websites for experience, versatility and presentation.
  • Could you work well together?

Smart Researching Tips:

  • Verify that the estate sale company you are considering is ‘squared away’, meaning to make sure the estate sale company is licensed, insured, and bonded.  Ask for a copy of their policy.  Check with your local Better Business Bureau for complaints history and rating.
  • If you have high end collections (i.e. antique furniture, gold/silver coin collections, firearms, etc.), not any estate sale company owner can know all that there is to know about everything on this planet; but do they have support professionals in place? Are they networked so as to have the versatility to cover all bases of your unique estate.
  • Some estate sale companies may recommend alternate routes of liquidation for certain collections.  This can be extremely advantageous to you if their knowledge and experience can attain top dollar in another venue on a regional or national selling platform.
  • Meet with several estate sale companies.  Some may provide information that you did not hear from others.  Interviewing several companies will give you an expanded paradyne of the project at hand.
  • Do not sign a contract in the first meeting.
  • Attend an estate sale for each company you are interviewing.  This will allow you to see, first-hand, who has a warm and caring staff, the cleanliness of the estate, and their orderly presentation to the community.
  • Also, note that the top estate sale companies in your area are the ones who are booked in the short-term.  Try to plan ahead.
  • Do not choose by cost alone.  A company that charges a higher percentage may provide more services, will most likely be more experienced, will have a better following of customers/collectors who attend his Memphis estate sales, and will inevitably produce the best results for you.  For larger and more valuable estates, start-up estate sale companies with less than two years experience is not a good option.