Gold & Silver Coin Collections

Both Jerry and his project manager, David McCollum, have much experience in researching and liquidating coin collections.

Copeland Estate Sales has liquidated several high dollar collections in the past and can inventory a collection and immediately determine the current market value based on the spot prices of gold and silver at that particular moment.  We have several channels for liquidation in order to obtain the highest dollar value of the collection.

David has been collecting and grading coins for over 35 years.  His experience allows him to determine if higher, quality, graded coins are worth more than the scrap price.  At times, we will recommend having certain coins graded with a professional coin grading service that provides an internationally accepted grading and certification that will result in the exponential increased value of coins that are in near mint to mint condition.

Our teamwork and experience positions us to maximize the liquidation of your coin collection.  We have done this service in the past and can do it for you.