In 2009, we performed a Memphis estate sale for Dr. Julian Fleming.  This collection consisted of many professionally crafted pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  The estate also included several Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. Appraisal values for the purpose of insurance underwriting often times is the replacement value which is normally double the current market value.

We attained a total sales level of over 80% of the value of the collection.  And we did this at a local Memphis estate sale.

Copeland Estate Sales is a proven resource for all levels of jewelry- whether it is a high-end collection, a vintage collection, a silver collection, a gold collection, designer jewelry or, more commonly, a mix of all classifications.

We have several expert contacts in the jewelry industry in Memphis who assist us with specialty pieces in identification, size-quality-clarity of diamonds, and current market values.