Furnishing Your First Home at Estate Sales

Making the leap and setting up housekeeping for the first time can be a very trying and expensive feat.  Mis-matched thrift store finds and warped kitchenware from “helpful” friends and family are how many of us took care of your first home furnishings.

Now, with estate sales becoming more and more popular, furnishing your first home has never been easier; or more affordable.

Making the Furniture in your First Home Last

your first homeYou can attend an estate sale and find quality made decor and antique furniture in Memphis that will last a lifetime and withstand everyday use far better than the mass replicated, cheaply built furniture you might find at local box stores such as Walmart and KMart.

Solid hard wood dressers and tables versus particle board and plywood is the difference between “getting” some furniture and a furniture “investment”.  The value is in the quality and the longevity of the types of items you’ll find at an estate sale.

And like Walmart and Kmart, an estate sale is generally going to have everything you need to set up your entire home; from kitchen to family room to bedroom.  And at a fraction of the cost.  Often times you can furnish an entire home for up to 70% LESS than conventional retail prices.

So don’t let the name fool you, an estate sale might just be the shopping experience you’re looking for.  Check one out and see how easy it is to have your very own “Home Sweet Home”.