Garage Sales Estate Sales: What’s the Difference?

Many people think Memphis Estate Sales are only for the wealthy and elite. We’d like to dissolve that misconception right now.

Differences in Garage Sales and Estate Sales

garage sales estate salesOne of the biggest differences between garage sales and estate sales. is the Estate Sale is usually handled by a professional that brings the best deal to both the consumer and the party that hired them to oversee the event. When you hire a professional estate sale company, you’re also getting a guarantee that your items will be appropriately priced by an individual who has many years of experience in the estate sale industry.

Garage sales are often times a way for folks to “get rid of extra clutter and junk” while it’s not unusual for an estate sale to contain heirloom and quality items at garage sale prices. And the variety at an estate sale is generally going to be much broader and interesting than what you might find at a garage sale.

Very rarely will you see something of collectible or historical value at a garage sale. No, it’s not unheard of, but you definitely don’t go to garage sales expecting to see things of collectible or historical value. If you are the hosting a garage sale, you may let priceless items slip through the cracks without the help of a professional appraiser. If you think you may have some high-dollar items in your garage sale inventory, give a Memphis estate sale company a call to find out.

When attending one  of the estate sales Memphis has to offer, you can almost always expect to see something that makes you say wow! That is really unique! or I remember one of those at my grandma’s and grandpa’s.

You never know what sort of treasure you’ll find or what memories it will awaken but you can always count on an estate sale to be an enjoyable experience.

It’s not your garage sale selection of mismatched glasses and outdated appliances.