When do you need Memphis estate liquidation referee services?

When families are liquidating their estate, many times they will need a neutral party who can bring order and objectivity to the table. That’s why we offer Memphis estate liquidation referee services. In order to maintain our standards of value when we price items in your estate, we suggest utilizing referee services to negate the sentimental value that arises for certain items during the liquidation process.

What are Memphis Referee Services?

There can be many reasons why someone who need to use our Memphis estate liquidation referee servies. Our referee services are primarily used when a family needs an objective party to assign true values to items in an estate.  Copeland Estate Sales also offers this service for Divorce processes. When individuals are trying to decide “who gets what,” that’s when we step in at a significantly lower cost than legal fees.

referee servicesThe cost of our referee services depends on the nature of the liquidation and the time it will take to complete the process. The estate appraisal process and our referee service is typically based on an hourly estimate.

When we begin our referee process, we submit a proposal to your family and a contracted is signed. We will determine the aspects and the rules of engagement prior to beginning the process. Typically, Copeland Estate Sales will appraise items at $25 or more to help clients reduce their total cost.

When do I need these services?

So, when do you need Memphis estate liquidation referee services? Whenever you need a neutral party to determine values of items in an estate and distribute them to the appropriate parties, give Copeland Estate Sales a call. You’ll save money on legal fees while getting professional, personalized knowledge and advice.

For more information about Copeland Estate Sales Memphis estate liquidation referee services, visit the contact us page.