Get a History Lesson at Memphis Estate Sales

For most people, an estate sale might just appear to be an elaborate and well-organized yard sale. In reality, estate sales usually offer a look inside historic properties that have been occupied by families for multiple generations. For history buffs of all ages, this means a day spent at Memphis estate sales can be a unique learning experience and a rare opportunity to see some rare antique merchandise.

At Copeland Estate Sales, we’ve had the opportunity to work on estate sale projects at a number of historic properties. We also have experience working with centuries-old collections of historic memorabilia and artifacts.

Estate Sales for Collectors

memphis estate salesIf you’re a collector of historical items, you’ll find that estate sales offer a diverse selection of antique collectables and memorabilia. Many estate sales that are held at older homes will offer shoppers an opportunity to view and interact with museum-quality items.

In the past, we’ve handled and sold collections of civil war memorabilia, antique firearms, book collections and coin collections. These are just a sampling of the items we’ve handled over the years as each sale we host usually offers a unique selection of collectables and antiques.

Antique Shopping in Memphis

Fans of antiquing in Memphis will find great shopping opportunities at estate sales. As we’ve mentioned before, Memphis estate sales often stock high-quality antique furniture and home décor for up to 70% off retail prices.

Shopping for antique furniture in Memphis at estate sales gives shoppers a rare opportunity to pay low prices for decades old furniture pieces. Even better, you know that the items you are buying will often be gently used and come in pristine condition. Items sold at Memphis estate sales aren’t passed from person to person, but kept in private collections for generations.

To see some of the historical collections we’ve handled at Copeland Estate Sales, check out our Past Sales Page for photo tours of some of our most notable sales.