How to Find Estate Sales in the Memphis Area

If you’re looking for a fun activity, you can’t go wrong with checking out an Estate Sale.  You never know what you’ll find; from untold treasures to trinkets that you suddenly discover you just can’t live without.

finding estate sales


There are some standard places to look when trying to locate the estate sales in your area:

  • Local Newspaper: Most professional Estate sale businesses will list in the local and surrounding area newspapers to ensure a good crowd and optimal results of the sale they are promoting.  Don’t forget to check out any free publications as they are usually specific to your immediate area and community.
  • Know the Neighborhood:  Often times signs will be posted on the lawn of the location of an upcoming event that give the details of the date and time of the estate sale.  Keep an eye peeled for any that might pop up in your area.
  • Community Bulletin Boards: Flyers and announcements with all the important info of where, what, and when can often be found on public boards such as in Grocery store foyers, community center announcement boards and in the community information section of local businesses.  Sometimes this can simply mean a flyer taped to the window or door.
  • Get familiar with the Estate Sale businesses in your community:  Often times, they will announce upcoming sales on their website with a preview of items to be sold.  It’s a great resource to be able to do a little research before you attend the event. We have a special section at our Copeland Estate sales dedicated to upcoming events.  Visit it now

And of course there’s the popular method of surfing the net to see what’s happening in your area.  Just do a quick Google search of Estate Sales in Memphis and see what pops up.

Have fun!