Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best West Tennessee Estate Sales

Nothing gets your blood pumping more than locating an estate sale chock-full of amazing deals. Browsing through knick-knacks, imagining where or when each piece was manufactured, and finding out the price is within your budget is a great feeling.
West Tennessee Estate SalesAlthough scouring West Tennessee estate sales is a favorite past-time to many area residents, people may not be aware of how to locate or where to search for such events. Copeland Estate Sales wants to give you a hand! Check out the list below for a few ideas of how to locate upcoming estate sales in your area.

  • Know Your Surroundings
    Sometimes locating an upcoming estate sale is as simple as traversing your normal route. Placing a sign on the lawn of an upcoming estate sales location is a common form of advertising. You’ll normally notice these signs a week or two prior to the actual event. Have some spare time? Turn a weekend drive into a family adventure by searching for current or upcoming estate sales.

  • Be on the Lookout for Flyers
  • While you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for flyers pertaining to upcoming events. Community bulletin boards will commonly contain estate sale notices or flyers. You can usually find these bulletin boards in local grocery stores, gas stations, laundromats, or other local dives.

  • Check Your Local Publications
  • Sections of your local and surrounding area newspapers are dedicated to advertising for area estate sales. Most Professional Estate Sale companies are known for utilizing this particular advertising resource in hopes of drawing in a large crowd. Don’t forget to check out free publications as these will more than likely contain information specific to your area.

  • Surf the Web
  • The internet is valuable resource for local estate sales. Try conducting a Google search for upcoming West Tennessee estate sales. There’s always a possibility you’ll find a posting or website dedicated to delivering information regarding local events. Which brings us to:

  • Consult Local Estate Sale Websites
  • Visiting local estate sales websites for upcoming estate sale listings is probably the best method of research available. Listings are frequently updated for accuracy and may contain item pictures and descriptions. We at Copeland understand the importance of easily locating the information you need on a website. Visit our our Upcoming Sales page to find the most up-to-date info on estate sales in West Tennessee.

Don’t forget: Sometimes checking with family members or friends is a top-notch way to find out about upcoming estate sale events. No matter how you spin it, estate sales prove time and time again to be a prime location for reeling in the best deals in your area. We sincerely hope these tips help you easily locate estate sales in your area. Good luck!