How to Host Your Own Estate Sale (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Woman Screaming Unpacking Boxes Moving HouseIn our current economy, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to bypass an estate sales company and host their own estate sale. These people are most likely under the impression that holding an estate sale can’t be THAT hard and don’t wish to incur any additional expenses.

We can’t blame people for thinking this way, but would like to put a few myths to rest and explain why hosting your own estate sale is a bad idea.

  • Myth: Guesstimating is a good way to price items.

  • FACT: Never try to price your own items as you may be cheating yourself out of making a larger profit.

Most people are more than willing to slap a price tag on something and be done with it. What people don’t realize is an item may be more valuable than originally thought. For instance, say you have a box of comic books from the 1950’s. They’re in fairly good condition but you don’t believe they’re worth much and honestly just want them out of your sight. You decide to price them at $0.50 each and just hope they bring in a little bit of money.


What you think is junk might be pricess. This mint condition comic book sold for over $1 million at auction.

Months down the road, you happen to stumble across a website with people willing to pay thousands for those old comics. Don’t let this happen to you! Such a dreadful situation can be avoided by hiring a certified estate sales company to appraise your valuables for accurate pricing prior to holding your estate sale.

  • Myth: Staging an estate sale is a piece of cake.

  • FACT: Staging an estate sale takes experience and an profuse amount of time you may not have.

Many people believe no matter where you place items during an estate sale, they will sell. Not so! Staging is a major part of the estate sales process. A terrific estate sales company will clean the location for you, while also arranging furniture and belongings in a pleasing manner for your sale. Few people can say they have time for such a consuming activity.

  • Myth: Advertising for my estate sale is a waste of time.

  • FACT: Not putting time and money into advertisement will only waste YOUR time.

Folks might think placing a sign in your yard is enough of an advertisement for your estate sale. But what about people who don’t drive down your street? By not advertising, you’re missing out on hundreds of people who may be interested in what you’re selling.

You may not have the time to research advertising methods and draw up ads but a skilled local estate sales company does. They understand the importance of advertising and are familiar enough with the market to know what techniques will draw in the most business to ensure a successful turn-out.

Hosting your own estate sale can be stressful. Don't become this man.

Hosting your own estate sale can be stressful. Don’t become this man.

We hope this article leaves you with a few things to consider before even contemplating handling an estate sale on your own. Check your yellow pages or try researching online for a terrific estate sale company to help ease your burden and simplify the process.