How to Price Items for an Estate Sale

Do you ever visit eBay to scope out deals? If so, have you ever stumbled across a collectible or antique and thought “Wow! Shouldn’t this be more expensive? What a steal!”? The truth is, the item you’re checking out could be appropriately priced.

Price Trends

ID-10031732Or maybe it’s not. Thousands of people trying to sell their valuables online choose not to perform research before posting and price items incorrectly. Unfortunately, this isn’t only an online occurrence. People who choose to host their own estate sales could be just as guilty. Without a trained eye for spotting treasures amongst your possessions, you’re just as likely to price an item as you see fit, not based on market value. In other words, a painting you’re selling could be worth millions, but without the proper know-how it could end up with a $5.00 price tag. Terrifying to think about, right? Don’t let this happen to you! Avoid this dilemma completely by hiring an estate sales company to host your estate sale.

While you may not have the time to research and price each item appropriately, the best estate sales companies keep up with current pricing trends. Estate sales companies strive to conduct your estate sales in a professional and caring manner, while helping you procure the highest possible profit.

What Makes an Exceptional Estate Sales Company?

With a little research, it’s simple to locate a proficient, devoted estate sales company in your area. With each estate sales company you come across, ask yourself these questions:

Is the estate sales company licensed and insured?

Is the appraiser an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA)?

Have they maintained favorable reviews?

Do they provide all the services you require?

Remember, estate sales companies don’t only handle pricing. They will handle advertisement, prepping your items, and cleaning up afterward. Don’t forget: Before you consider hosting your own estate sale, think about how much time and effort goes into it, not to mention the money you could be missing out on. Contact a local Estate Sales Company in your area today!