Introducing Memphis Transition Services from Copeland Estate Sales

There’s no doubt about it: moving a loved one into a new living space is an overwhelming experience for everyone involved. The amount of planning and the countless decisions to be made are simply too much for an individual to handle. That’s why we’ve created Copeland Estate Sales’ transition services.

Memphis Transition Services


Copeland Estate Sales’s customized Memphis transition services are designed to alleviate the stress that goes along with moving a senior loved one into a retirement community, nursing home or into a family member’s residence.

If you have ever moved an elderly parent or relative into a new living space, you know the stress and headaches that come along with this trying stage in one’s life. Our team knows first-hand that this is already a hard time. When you hand your needs over to our professionally trained team, we guarantee your transition will be easy and hassle-free.


How Does It Work?

memphis transition services

When you hire Copeland Estate Sales for your transition project, you’re getting much more than you would get from a traditional moving company. In addition to moving your items and securing them into your new residence, we  work with you to ensure every single detail of the transition goes off without a hitch.

We’ll be there to help in each phase of the planning process, and when it comes time to moved your loved one we will help you plan every aspect of the move. We start by helping your family identify furniture and other large items in the current living space that will be extracted and moved into the new residence. Next, we help you sort through any personal items, clothing or kitchen supplies and extract them for the new living space.

How to Get Started

Visit our contact us page to schedule your initial planning appointment with Copeland’s Memphis transition services team. We’ll meet with you and your family to discuss the project and work to determine an appropriate plan of action that reflects that needs presented in your transition.

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