Memphis Estate Sales and Social Media

So, you’re out shopping at a Memphis estate sale and you’ve gotten a great bargain on a killer piece of furniture or a one-of-kind antique collectable. The next step? Well, before the internet and social media your choices were to keep it to yourself or tell a few friends or family members. In 2012, if you really want to show off your estate sale find, you’ll snap a quick photo with your smart phone or iPad and share it with your 500 closest friends on Facebook or Twitter.

As the estate sale industry continues to grow and evolve, more and more shoppers are finding out about estate sales through the web. They’re also using mobile web-enabled devices to find bargains while at estate sales, and are connecting with social media to learn more about the estate sale market in their area. Social media is another example of how the web is helping estate sale companies and shoppers connect more frequently and easily than ever.

Social Media Connects You With Estate Sales in Memphis

It’s no secret that the social networking phenomenon is beneficial in connecting customers and businesses from all industries. For the Memphis estate sales industry, however, social media has a unique benefits in connecting estate sale hosts with potential clients. It’s not just the estate sale companies that benefit from this type of exposure. Social media and the internet in general provides estate sale shoppers with limitless opportunity to seek out and find estate sales in their area. Whether it’s through Facebook, an estate sale directory, craigslist or otherwise, the internet is an excellent tool for saving money and bargain hunting at local estate sales.

Share Your Memphis Estate Sales Haul

As we mentioned earlier, a great benefit of social media is the ability to share almost anything with your friends in an instant. If you’re proud of your Memphis estate sales haul, then hop on Facebook and show it off. It’s as easy a few button clicks.