Regional & National Estate Sales

There have been several occasions when Copeland Estate Sales has been requested to perform projects outside of the Memphis estate sale market.   Each project is carefully considered and acceptance or regrets are made based on company investment of expenses incurred to perform an estate sale out of the surrounding Memphis estate sale market.

Consideration of these estate sale projects would have to be of high value.  The criteria for qualifying us to be considered most likely could be determined through an initial telephone conversation.  From our conversation, if we sense the need to go further, I would consider traveling to your area and meet with you. Copeland Estate Sales has processes in place that we utilize in the Memphis estate sale market.

Over the years, we have tweaked and fine tuned our processes to accommodate our customer base as well as our internal patterns; and for the several projects we have performed outside of Memphis, we implement these same processes.  In other words, if I do bring my team to your area, we would most likely not use the same processes that others in your community employ.

However at the same time, we are flexible and will adapt to some changes that make sense i.e. advertising our estate sale in your area might be quite different than how we advertise in the Memphis estate sale market.  Other sections of my website will enlighten you to some of our processes.

Copeland Estate Sales is equipped and experienced to handle your large project, and I would be happy to explore your project to see if we can work together.  Thank you.