Estate Liquidation Referee Services

There are times when families need someone who will be objective to mediate the liquidation of assets within an estate. Copeland Estate Sales implements a platform of order and objectivity. There can be a variation of reasons for the need of this service. Often times, our appraisal service is needed as well in order to establish our standards of values on items throughout the estate.  We suggest our methods of the fairest way to distribute items as well as the market value.

We negate the sentimental value of items and place objective valuations on estate contents. We remove the subjectivity of family members from this process so as to create an objective platform that family members agree to follow by utilizing this service.

Fees for this service are negotiable depending on how long the process will take. Appraising the estate and conducting the referee process is usually based on an hourly projection. In most cases, we provide an appraisal on items at $25 or more to help reduce costs.  A proposal would be submitted to the family and a contract would be signed. We all would be clear on the aspects and the rules of engagement of this service.

We also offer this service for Divorce processes, at a fraction of costly legal fees, when parties are having difficulties deciding “who gets what”.