Ten Reasons You Should Hire an Estate Sale Company

Ten Reasons You Should Hire Copeland Estate Sales Memphis.

copeland estate sale of memphis


1.  Peace of mind.  Many families are learning the value of outsourcing estate sale projects.


2.  Freedom of time.  Usually the need for an estate sale is due to a family changing event that is going on simultaneously.  An estate sale project can really drag down all of the important aspects of these changes.  Why not delegate this project so that you can better focus on your family and other aspects?


3.  Emotional Considerations.  During major transitions in a family, performing one’s own estate sale project can be very emotional which results in loss of efficiency, productivity, and can cause strain between family members.


4.  Expertise and experience.  Copeland Estate Sales has both.  We have many processes in place to have our finger on the pulse of the current market value of your assets and collections.


5.  One-stop shopping.  Performing estate sale, staging, saving important, overlooked documents, security, advertising, and clean-out of entire premises.


6.  A family run business.  Copeland Estate Sales utilizes 6-7 family members and 10-12 long-term, friends of family members who comprised our Memphis estate sales team.


7.  “Squared Away”.  Copeland Estate Sales is licensed, insured, and bonded.  We are paying members of the Better Business Bureau.


8. Trusted network.  We work closely with over a dozen attorneys in Memphis, dozens of realtors, retirement communities, appraisers, website resources for researching, and our referral network from past clients that we have pleased beyond expectations.  (https://www.copelandestatesales.com/past-sales-2/)


9.  Professionalism and personalization.  I tell clients often, “We do not just represent you and your family on a professional level to your community during the estate sale weekend; we represent your family on a very personal level to your community.” This means we have the experience to remember the little details; restaging & cleaning after each day of the estate sale, consideration of flow of traffic and parking during the estate sale with your neigbors in mind; being courteous and polite to every individual who visits our estate sale in your home; and we promote an electric and positive environment during the estate sale weekend which results in a comfortable, buying atmosphere.


10.  The bottom line.  Pure and simple; Copeland Estate Sales of Memphis attains the highest net to your family while simultaneously delivering back to you a clean home so that you can check off ‘estate sale project’ and ‘a clean home’ off of your checklist!