Michelle Lunati
Michelle Lunati Wall Memphis

Their presentation to the Memphis Community resulted in a fabulous two page story in the Commercial Appeal.  We had a constant line of 150+ all day on Saturday and Sunday which surprised me considering it was the last weekend in February 2010 and very cold outside. Jerry and his crew were successful with selling everything in the home.  After the sale they did a great job cleaning the house.  The entire staff was thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly.  On every level, I was very pleased with Copeland Estate Sales.  Thank you Jerry for all you did for me and my family.

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Nicole Giles Lamar Coordinator

I was the coordinator for Dr. Wayne Terry Lamar’s estate sale in Oxford, MS. We hired Jerry Copeland at Copeland Estate Sales to take on this massive project. Jerry and his crew staged Dr. Lamar’s 16,000 office building with contents from his home in Oxford and in storage. It was a very well attended event. If we had this in front of us again….I would make sure Jerry was the man! He turned something that could have been difficult into a pleasure!

Beth Weems Bradley
Beth Weems Bradley Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC, 130 N. Court Ave., Memphis, TN 38103
 I can’t say enough good things about Jerry Copeland Estate Sales.  Not only is  Jerry extremely knowledgeable in his field, his interpersonal skills are second to none.  He is a wonderful ally to have when negotiating delicate situations in contentious estate matters.  He takes a personal interest in every referral and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.