What Realtors Need to Know About Estate Sales

realtors and estate salesMost times, realtors are the first contacts when a family member passes away or a transitional phase is about to occur.  Often times, realtors believe that listing the home asap is the best approach to hurry along the process of transition.  This may or may not be true in all situations.  Copeland Estate Sales has advised many realtors and prospective clients that considering the option of coordinating the launching of a listing with the actual estate sale is like having a 3 day open house to begin the listing.


Estate Sales as an Open House

Statiscally, the first few days of a new listing will have the biggest impact on the buying community. Memphis estate sales usually average between 1,000 to 2,500 customers who attend estate sales depending on the contents of the home.  Having this kind of explosive exposure with partnering the listing and estate sale can produce much quicker results. Our success rate in helping realtors and clients to sell a home is aproximately 25% of producing a buyer as a result of someone attending an estate sale.  That is a strong statistic as we begin to see the housing market begin taking an upturn in 2012.  Usually, the community surrounding an estate sale will see estate sale directional signs and will want to attend.  Often, these neighbors may know a family member or a friend who is wanting to move to their community.


Working with a Memphis estate sale company.

There are other benefits of coordinating a listing with a Memphis estate sale company.  Copeland Estate Sales works closely with many realtors in Memphis.  We help coordinate preparation of the launching by taking pictures of the home that will be listed and featuring them on my website for the estate sale.  Also, the realtor will have his signs and flyers ready at the estate sale when we open (usually at 9:00 AM on Saturday, the first day of the sale).  Ocassionally, the realtor will attend the first few hours of an estate sale to greet those attending.  Another benefit is that after the estate sale, we clean out the estate as well as clean the estate home including the entire interior, attics, garages, closets, etc.; this process creates a smooth process for everyone involved.  And it relieves the client family from having to focus on another aspect of their transition.


Memphis estate sale clients can greatly benefit from approaching a realtor and a Memphis estate sale company at the same time. Copeland Estate Sales of Memphis has proven success in the past.