What to Look for in an Estate Sale Company.

What Should You Look for When Hiring an Estate Sale Company in Memphis?

Anyone who is considering planning estate sales in Memphis should understand the importance of choosing a reliable company to help with this important occasion. An estate sale requires specific skills and knowledge, and should be handled by a professional company with the ability to ensure that items are accurately identified and priced. To the inexperienced individual, a valuable antique might seem like an old knickknack that has no real value. Also, it can be far too easy to become emotionally involved in treasured items that belonged to family members.

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A Long History of Estate Sales in Memphis


People have been holding estates sales in Memphis for decades and these sales can be an excellent way to sell off the contents of a home; however, it is important to note that an estate sale is often much more than an elaborate garage sale. Many of the older homes have valuable collections and various household items that can be worth a considerable amount of money. When conducting an estate sale, a thorough evaluation of each item is essential. Additionally, local estate sales are an excellent way to sell more than a few items that are no longer needed; it is a quick and effective way to sell the entire contents of a home. This is especially important if you have inherited a house from a family member and you want to sell the house, but need to get rid of the contents first.


Important Factors to Look for in an Estate Sale Company

• Experience Conducting Estate Sales
• Previous Customer Satisfaction Rating
• Ability to Identify and Price Antiques and Collectibles
• Knowledge in Various Specialties (china, antique furniture, old books, artwork, precious metals, jewelry, etc.)
• Fees


When looking for a company to conduct an estate sale in Memphis, there are a number of important factors that should be considered. Not all companies will have the same level of professionalism and experience needed to accurately price valuable items. If you are handling an estate that has a wide range of items, it is important that the company you choose is capable of establishing fair prices across many diverse areas.
Advertising the Estate Sale


Not only will the estate sale company sort and prepare the items for the sale, but they should also take care of all of the advertising. Properly advertising an estate sale is crucial to its success. Many of the top estate sale companies are well-known in the community. Collectors and antique dealers will follow their sales and will come out in droves on the day of the sale. In fact, many of these potential buyers will begin lining up well before the doors are even scheduled to be opened.
In addition to the dedicated following that a particular estate sale has earned, other advertising can bring out local homeowners and others searching for a bargain. In fact, many people who are looking for items to add to a collection or who simply want to find something unique will spend their weekends browsing through Memphis estate sales. It is important that estate sales in Memphis be advertised as such and not be listed under garage sales or yard sales.