Why Newlyweds Can Benefit From Estate Sales in Memphis

Newlyweds truly face the challenge in today’s economy on learning prosperous techniques on how to furnish their new homes and to begin their new lives together.  Especially with more and more college graduates having to start at ground zero in their careers, this does not exactly lend the opportunity to immediately “set up” a stellar home of their own.

So when the right person comes along and the time comes  to set up housekeeping, where do these new couples begin? It can be a huge financial struggle just to equip your home with basic furniture such as a bed, dressers, kitchen table and living area furniture.

Newlyweds can often find many items for their home at Memphis estate sales.  Besides starting a new hobby together, couples can quickly learn the value of shopping smartly for just about anything….from pots and pans for the kitchen to a quality master bedroom suite, couples can enjoy uncovering deals in thier new venture and often times, right in their own neighborhood. An afternoon of browsing Memphis estate sales can often accomplish a years worth of browsing at retail stores. And it can be done at a fraction of the cost resulting in saving up to 70% less than retail!

Most couples in their 20s and 30s have yet to see the value of smart shopping from Memphis estate sale venues.  Most give little thought to the quality of the used furniture pieces that are available domestically compared with the massive poor quality of imports from other countries, where quality is traded for cheap labor in foreign countries.   The “Made In Taiwan” (or any other third world countries) stamp on the bottom or back of a new piece of furniture will most likely last longer than the furniture to which it is stamped; the quality is simply not there!  Researching and planning can be extremely advantageous and fun! Don’t settle for the quick fix of buying your furniture from a big box store or European catalogue; make the right choice by heading to an estate sale first.

Estate sales come in all sizes.  Most contain decades of heirlooms and furniture that merit researching. These venues can quickly help you filter out what you like and don’t like.  You do not have to be chained to the internet for all of your shopping experiences nor spending hours with overwhelming confustion in shopping.  If you still wish to do some internet filtering, check out www.copelandestatesales.com or www.estatesales.net/memphis.   And let shopping and learning with your new spouse become a profitable and fun experience.

Congratulations and happy shopping!!