Why Shop at Estate Sales Memphis?

Participating in the estate sales Memphis has to offer is a great way to spend an afternoon and find some great deals in the process.  But there are some other benefits of Estate Sale Shopping you may not have thought of.

History Lesson at Estate Sales Memphis

You get to learn about different era’s of history based on some of the hidden gems found at Memphis estate sales.  Often times, the contents of an estate sale contain stories and history within them that bring a little piece of the past to life.  A well presented estate sale can transport you back in time to the days when family gathered around the pie cupboard waiting for permission to dig in to just baked cookies or pastries.

Save Money

With smart phones and information readily available, you can do some quick research on items you aren’t familiar with and know if you’re getting a great deal.  Often times, estate sales are priced below market value, at about 40% of retail pricing, so it’s easy to find items for a great price. And as the sale draws to a close, the pricing gets even lower (unlike regular retail that has a whole year to move items)

If you’re furnishing your newly acquired home, why not go one of the estate sales Memphis has to offer first? You can pick up some great, high-quality antique furniture at a fraction of the cost you would pay at retail. Don’t just settle for the quick fix at the nearest big box store – shop estate sales first!

You can also find some very special and unique gifts at estate sales.  For the person that you just don’t know what to get, an interesting piece from an estate sale with an accompanying story of its history might just be the unique gift you’re looking for.

All in all, an estate sale is a fun and interesting way to spend some time, and money—if you find an item that tells you a story, touches something inside of you or is just too great of a deal to pass up.