Why You Don’t Want To Host Your Own Estate Sale

host your own estate saleJust about every week in the Memphis area, I will see a private estate sale listed on Estatesales.net. I have attended many of these over the years. There is one constant that I see in all of them: pricing is all over the place. There are a lot of items way overpriced as well as a lot of items way underpriced. Additionally, there are multiple other issues at these sales.

It is easy to envision why you would want to host your own estate sale.

“Why would I would want to pay a Memphis estate sale company 30% commission to do my sale, when I can conduct it myself and pocket that commission?” There are actually a lot of reasons why that insight is totally flawed. Experienced estate sale companies usually have 3-5 full time employees and executives, each with years of experience in performing estate sale projects. When you compare these years of experience to an individual or a couple who have never performed a Memphis estate sale, some light bulbs should start lighting up. Allow me to review several of these points:

First, staging an estate professionally and strategically provides a display of a home’s contents in a fashion that will be appealing to the general public who attends the sale. For example, Copeland Estate Sales has a ‘waist to shoulders’ presentation, which simply means that 90%+ of the smaller contents will be assessible above the waist without customers having to bend over in lower cabinets or drawers to shop for items. In a crowded venue, this creates assessiblity which is user friendly for the public. Believe it or not, this has a great impact on the marketing of cheaper items in an estate sale which most lay people cannot grasp.

Secondly, most lay people who price their own items, for the most part, have a garage sale mentality where they will price it cheap to move it quickly, so that this will aid in ‘getting rid of it’ faster. Coupled with inexperience, there may be 100’s of items grossly underpriced. Most likely, they are not aware that some items that have been in their attics for decades are possibly worth $100’s.

Thirdly, most of the good Memphis estate sale companies include in their commission these important aspects: staging, cleaning, pricing, researching, having a proper number of staff to manage the sale, advertising, and the clean-out. The experience and organizational skills can benefit you significantly on all levels.

I suggest you read through my website, www.copelandestatesales.com and review the tab, “Estate Sales 101”.