Why Young People Should Embrace the Idea of Antique Furniture

The younger generation is heavily influenced by what is current, hip and “in” with their friends.  This isn’t news to anyone.


The good news is that some styles of antique furniture offer a modern look that’s hip and stylish with the added bonus of quality and workmanship that will last lifetimes longer than the assembly line manufactured furniture found at the big box stores.


Shabby chic, that colorful look with haphazardly strewn throws and pillows works so much better with a nice overstuffed settee than it does with a stark, plywood bench sofa.  A solid oak dining room table makes a manly statement in a bachelor pad. The integration of antiques into modern style decor has limitless possibilities.


Now is the time for the younger generation to find their own identity, learn to appreciate workmanship and quality and start expanding their paradigm.


Checking out the estate sales Memphis has to offer is a fun, economical way to bridge the generational gap and merge antique with hip and modern.